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How to be Alone

"We live in a society which sees high self-esteem as a proof of well-being, but we do not want to be intimate with this admirable and desirable person."

"If you know who you are and know that you are relating to others because you want to, rather than because you are trapped (unfree), in desperate need and greed, because you fear you will not exist without someone to affirm that fact, then you are free. Some solitude can in fact create better relationships, because they will be freer ones."

"Most people would still rather be described as sensitive, spiritual, reflective, having rich inner lives and being good listeners than the more extroverted opposites."

The promise is:
1. A deeper consciousness of oneself
2. A deeper attunement to nature
3. A deeper relationship with the transcendent (the numinous, the divine, the spiritual)
4. Increased creativity
5. An increased sense of freedom

Curiosity and Wonder



Instead of obtaining a mirror,
obtain a person.
Look into him.
Use different people.
Old, young, fat, small, etc.

Tool to Help Solve Business Challenges

Although this workshop can take half a day, it is a great tool to help you explain what a new digital product does and why it matter to a potential consumer. It can also solve problems like how to get students to learn.

As a summary, it juxtaposes the customer’s current approach and assumptions against a new way of thinking. It helps you or your team must break down and replace existing mental models that directly support the customer’s current behavior and replaces it with what the customer should be thinking about their business challenges in a different way.

"If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s not easy looking for it. That’s what we all do: endlessly take the long way around."

Wherever I wind up
I want to live with no regrets
I want to make time to learn from other people every day
I want to love others and love them the way they want to be loved
I want to have a rough idea of where I’m headed
I want to find my voice or at least help others find their’s before I die

Hauntingly beautiful and tragic video about how Sia turned to alcohol and drugs after the tragedy with her boyfriend.

Summary of “Yesterday” by Haruki Murakami

He sings his own version of The Beatles’s Yesterday
in the bathtub.

Is two days before tomorrow
The day after two days ago.”

In the bathtub
That’s where all the good ideas came to him
He would come home
Drop everything he was doing
And just take a bath soaking for hours

He had a bold denial of anything constructive
but everything he did had a kind of hidden import in it

He failed his entrance exam, twice
Cause he was studying a different dialect, to perfection

He wanted to become a completely different personality

He thought about how he’d been living
How he had been approaching life
He found it trite, pointless, middle class un-imaginative rubbish

He wanted to light it up on fire
And watch it go up in smoke
And start a new life again
In a new way
In a new city as a new person

He was dating a great girl
One he had known his whole life
But the relationship wasn’t going anywhere
She was pretty, honest and smart

He asks his friend to go out with her
Why? Because his friend is a good guy and better him than someone he doesn’t know
This way he can get updates

He thinks of the girl and feels left behind
They could of had a life with no problems, graduated, got married and lived happily

He does not want his life that easy and comfortable

He was was a child prodigy
But his personality just isn’t suited to the daily grind of studying
He’d rather go off and do crazy things on his own.
Unlike his girlfriend, not as bright but could always buckle down and get the job done

He has an extreme way
He went through the trouble of learning a different dialect and speaking it all the time
To be someone different from who he has been up until now
He wants a different personality and had a radical way of dealing with it

He is seeking something
In his own way
At his own pace

One day he randomly disappears
later his girlfriend and friend find that he has gone to a different city and is a chef

The girlfriend remembers thinking they cannot continue the voyage together
His friend remembers thinking that he should do what he wants and forget what other people think

Ghosts in the Stacks